LZK | Fully CNC Pneumatic Gantry V Groover Machine

LZK |  Fully pneumatic Horizontal V Groover Machine

LZK | Fully CNC Pneumatic Gantry V Groover Machine

This equipment is a Fully CNC pneumatic Gantry V Groover Machine. This machine tool adopts advanced CNC system, with novel design. It has the characteristics of high processing precision, simple operation, no noise and no vibration. The machine tool is used for V-groove, U-groove and other irregular grooves on sheet metal parts (including stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, aluminum-plastic plates, copper plates, iron plates, bakelite plates, acrylic plates and other special plates.) Processing, especially suitable for V-groove processing before bending of sheet metal parts.

LZK |Frame And Beam

The bed and beam of V grooving machine are all designed with the frame structure and the working table is made of 50mm low-alloy high-strength structural steel while the frame is made of Q345 steel, which make it not only rigid but also durable.
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LZK |Body

The bed of V grooving machine adopts natural gas tempering to eliminate welding stress and reduce equipment deformation. Through the sandblasting treatment to ensure a good paint coating effect.
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LZK | Controller

CNC Control, Touch Screen
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LZK | Blade

The “V” slot is processed by 3 knives, so the cutting quantity is evenly distributed to reduce the deformation of the workpiece.
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LZK |Pneumatic material clamping device

Adopt pneumatic compression with adjustable press materials and reliable compression function.
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LZK |Toothed Rack Gear & Rack Drive

Adopt Taiwan YYC rack, YYC gear drive, supplemented by Taiwan TBI heavy linear guide, ball screw, can adjust the moving speed through frequency conversion, the cutting process is stable and efficient.
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