Open-type Double-Drive Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

LZK Open-type Double-Drive Fiber Laser Cutting Machine,It is a professional machine design, novel appearance and many patented technologies. It has the advantages of high speed, small slit, smooth section, esay operation, low energy consumption, suitable for continuos processing in large quantities, and highlighting cutting competitive advantages.

LZK | Special CNC System for Laser Cutting

Adopt AheadTechs laser control system to precisely adjust cutting process data.
1606274145-激光切割机 细节图 6

LZK | Laser cutting machine frame

The machine bed adopts steel plate welding, adopts the anti-deformation method, the allowance method, and the rigid clamping method. A reasonable welding sequence is selected to effectively prevent welding deformation. The overall tempering treatment of the bed-eliminates internal stress and increases the strength. The movable gantry structure can maintain long-term stability and shock resistance; the entire beam is professionally manufactured by professional large enterprises, secondary aging treatment, and large gantry milling machine precision Machining ensures the rigidity and stability of the machine tool and has good dynamic performance. The equipment has high precision, good rigidity and stable operation.
1606274672-激光切割机 细节图 7

LZK | Laser

Using domestic high-quality brand lasers, the laser output is stable, and the failure rate is low.

LZK | Water Cooling Device

It adopts domestic well-known laser water cooling device, which can automatically adjust the water temperature.

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