Servo Electro-hydraulic CNC press brake HPB-200T3200

LZK | Servo CNC Press Brake HPB-200T3200

Integral rack machining | Double cylinder electro-hydraulic synchronous control | Mechanical compensation | Segmented mold | CNC double-V die | High precision back gauge structure |

Rack machining

The bending machine frame is integrally processed by a large floor boring and milling machine.

High precision electro-hydraulic synchronization

The bending precision is higher, anti-offset and more durable.

Upper and lower mold standard segment

The mold segments are 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, 100, 300 (cm), and the length can be customized by the user.

Professional CNC system

The Dutch Delem CNC system is used by default and can be customized.

Electromechanical deflection compensation

In the system, the plate thickness and length parameters are input, and the system will automatically perform deflection compensation.

High precision back gauge structure

It adopts ball screw and linear guide, which is driven by servo motor, and the back gauge is positioned quickly and accurately.

The height of the finger can be adjusted manually

The height of the finger is designed from the overall adjustment, and the height of the finger can be adjusted manually.

Angle programming|graphic programming

The user can program directly at the angle, and each step can achieve a precise bending machine.

LZK | The first choice for high quality, high efficiency and long life sheet metal bending

Rack machine processing|Electrical and liquid synchronous structure|Delem numerical control system|Angle programming|PLC control|Automatic calculation of pressure|Segmented mold|Multi-V lower mold|Electro-mechanical deflection compensation|High precision back gauge structure|Manual adjustment Finger height

LZK | Powerful CNC system makes complex work easy

Using Delem series CNC system, angle programming, system operation is stable, the program has no bugs, and the parameters are calculated accurately.

LZK | Intelligent hydraulic synchronization system for more efficient work and anti-offset

The Rexroth integrated intelligent hydraulic system simplifies the oil connection, the system is actively synchronized, has high anti-offset capability, and the precision is up to 0.02mm. Hydraulic synchronization minimizes wear during normal operation and lower failure rate.

The main motor uses a servo main motor, which has high accuracy and low power consumption.

HPB-200T3200 s630 D5
HPB-200T3200 s630 D4

LZK | More precise bending angle, higher workpiece accuracy and faster speed

The ultra-precision grating ruler is used to detect the position on both sides of the slider, so that the bending angle of the bending machine is more accurate and the working efficiency is higher.

LZK | Electromechanical deflection compensation

It is made of high-strength steel and has a nonlinear wave-slant block structure. It is driven by a motor and can accurately adjust the compensation amount.
HPB-200T3200 s630 D1

LZK | Reliable electrical system

Open the door and power off, high quality servo motor drive, Schneider Electric components.

LZK | (4+1 axis) precision fast back gauge system, electric finger

The back gauge is welded by steel structure and has high rigidity. It is driven by servo motor, ball screw and linear guide to ensure high precision operation. The height of the beam is adjusted by CNC and the position of the finger is changed by electric.
HPB-200T3200 s630 D3
HPB-200T3200 s630 D2

HPB series Sketch Map

HPB series Specs

ModelForceMax. LengthVerticalDepthStrokeMax. OpeningPowerX-travelX-speedL*W*H(mm)Weight

Remarks: This parameter is 2019.6.25 day system. If the parameters are not updated in time, please understand.

HPB series parts

 Optional modelManufacturerRemarks
CNC system●DA-52s
●ESA S630
●ESA S640
Hydraulic system●Open loop
●Closed loop
Back gauge●3+1 axis
●4+1 axis
●6+1 axis
●8+1 axis
Carbon steel
Aluminum material
Oil pump●Sunny oil pumpSunny
Main power system●AC motor
●Servo motor
●Servo pump
Front material●Simple fixed type
●Single rail movable type
●Double track movable type
Security● Side (guardrail) + rear (guardrail)
● Side (guardrail + light curtain protection) + rear (guardrail)
● Side (guardrail + laser protection) + rear (guardrail)
Deflection compensation●Mechanical electric compensation
●Hydraulic compensation
Mold clamping●Mechanical electric compensation
●Hydraulic compensation...
electric●Schneider RelaySchneiderOpen door power protection
Foot switch●Korean Kaikun vertical switchKorean Kaikun
Lower die●Multi-V die
●Double V core with lower die
LZKDouble V core module can be segmented

CNC systems

Delem DA-52s

● One-page parameter fast programming
● navigation shortcuts
●7” widescreen color TFT
●Maximum 4-axis control (Y1.Y2 and two additional axes)
●Workbench deflection compensation control
●Mold / material / product library
●USB peripheral interface
● Advanced Y-axis control algorithm to control both closed loop and open loop valves
● Panel mounting structure, optional suspension box.

Delem DA-53T

● Touch screen quick programming
●8” widescreen color TFT
●Maximum 4-axis control (Y1.Y2 and two additional axes)
●Workbench deflection compensation control
●Mold / material / product library
●USB peripheral interface
● Advanced Y-axis control algorithm to control both closed loop and open loop valves
● Panel mounting structure, optional suspension box.

Delem DA-58T

● 2D touch graphic programming
●15” high resolution TFT color display
●Bending process calculation
● deflection compensation control
●Servo and inverter control mode
● Advanced Y-axis control algorithm to control closed-loop valves and open-loop valves
●USB interface

Delem DA-66T

● 2D touch graphic programming
●3D product graphic simulation display
●17” high resolution TFT true color display
●Memory capacity 1 GB
● Complete Windows application package
●Compatible with DELEM modular structure system
●USB, peripheral interface
● Large arc mold
● Support instantaneous shutdown
●Online analysis tools
●PLC programming