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CNC press brake Troubleshooting and Maintenance

If your bending machine is used for a long time, problems are inevitable. It does not mean that the quality of the products produced by the manufacturer is problematic. No matter what is used for a long time, there will be some minor problems. Although it will not affect the work for a while, if it is not handled in time, minor faults will become It’s a big problem, so it’s important to learn some simple bending machine maintenance methods.

1. The numerical control system displays abnormally when power on
This failure is generally caused by the software. Misoperation or frequent abnormal shutdown during operation may cause file loss and make the software unable to operate normally. You can judge according to the system prompts, and then decide whether to reinstall the software.

2. Slider movement failure
The slider movement of the machine tool can be divided into four processes, which are zero return at startup, rapid drive, working stroke and slider return.
Y-axis change slider does not move: Measure according to the electrical schematic diagram to determine whether it is a hydraulic system failure or an electrical system failure. If the servo valve is energized normally, it is a failure of the hydraulic system, otherwise it is a failure of the electrical system.
No fast forward of the slider: The fast forward of the slider is caused by the return of oil from the lower cavity, and the negative pressure is formed in the upper cavity depending on the weight of the slider. It can also be judged as the fault of the hydraulic system according to the power status of the servo valve. It is the fault of the electrical system, and then the targeted solution is carried out.
Slider has no work advance: the method is the same as above.

The regular maintenance of the bending machine is divided into several aspects: appearance maintenance, upper slide maintenance, hydraulic lubrication maintenance, electrical maintenance
(1) Appearance maintenance: Wipe the machine tool, to wipe clean, no oil and dirt; if the parts are defective, they should be equipped.
(2) Maintenance of the upper slide block: check and adjust the parallelism between the upper slide block and the worktable, trim the slide block and remove the burrs on the guide rail, and adjust the gaps in each part appropriately; check and adjust the direct control balance valve, wipe the guide rail, screw, As well as the sliding surface, the parts should be replaced in time if they are severely worn.
(3) Electrical maintenance: clean and wipe the motor and electrical box, add or replace the grease in time; check whether the fastening device is loose, and overhaul the wiring and control system.
(4) Hydraulic lubrication maintenance: clean and check the oil pump, cylinder, piston, filter screen, reversing valve, etc., burrs should be removed, and wear should be replaced; oil quality and quantity should be checked, and the oil path should be unobstructed.

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