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The laser cutting machine has the answer to the question of the beam jitter when it is turned on

With the rapid development of traditional manufacturing, laser cutting machines are gradually becoming popular. However, when many customers use the laser cutting machine, they will encounter a series of problems such as the wrong direction of the power-on reset and the jitter of the beam due to unfamiliarity with the equipment or improper operation. Today, we will sort out solutions for the above failure reasons!
The cause of the beam jitter when the laser cutting machine is turned on
1. Turn on and check which axis the jitter appears on, the trolley or the beam, disconnect the power supply of one axis to test whether the motor and driver of the other axis are faulty. Interchangeable tests to find out whether the problem is in the motor or the drive.
2. Push the cart to see if there is friction or shaking. If the gap between the sliders is too large, replace the laser slider.
3. Turn off the machine and push the trolley and beam by hand to see if there is any resistance. If there is any obstruction, remove or arrange it, and check if the left tension wheel is tight.
4. When the laser cutting machine is reset, the direction is correct, but when it reaches the end, the trolley or beam cannot stop and hit the machine. Need to check whether the motherboard parameters are wrong. The sensor wire is broken or the sensor is damaged, and whether the magnet is in a reasonable position.
5. Check whether the timing belt, bald head, blower pipe, and drag chain are jammed.
6. ​​If the reset is abnormal after replacing the driver of the laser cutting machine, first check whether the parameter settings are correct, and the abnormal reset problem can be solved by changing the main board parameters.
7. Check whether the beam has a serious deviation, the left and right sides shall not be larger than 2MM, check whether the support wheels on both sides are damaged, and whether the pushing is smooth.
8. For models equipped with resistance banks, resistance must be measured. If the resistance is wrong, replace the resistance row.
The above is the analysis and solutions of the laser cutting machine’s abnormal reset, beam jitter, boot hitting the wall, etc. I hope it will be helpful to everyone! If you still cannot solve your problem, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer or the local maintenance department, and do not disassemble the equipment privately to avoid unnecessary losses.